All juniors and seniors will take a math, science, English and social science course each semester and many will be offered as dual enrollment. In addition, each student will complete a work-study, independent study, or internship each year. Electives and online courses are available and allow students to customize their learning experience. If a course has a * after it, then it is offered as a dual enrollment course. For questions not answered here, please visit the frequently asked questions page or email [email protected].

Math Courses
  • College Algebra* (full year course)
  • Calculus 1* (full year course)
  • Calculus 2* (full year course)
  • Statistics* (full year course)
  • Advanced Algebra & Finance (full year course)
Science Courses
  • Physics w/Lab* (full year course)
  • Biology w/Lab* (full year course)
  • Advanced Biology w/Lab* (full year course)
  • Chemistry w/Lab* (full year course)
  • Astronomy w/Lab* (full year course)
  • Aviation Science (full year course)
  • Medical Science (full year course)
English Courses
  • Sophomore English (full year course)
  • Junior English (full year course)
  • Rhetoric and Writing 1* (semester course)
  • Rhetoric and Writing 2* (semester course)
  • Literature* (semester course)
  • Creative Writing (semester course)
  • Public Speaking (semester course)
Social Sciences
  • U.S. History – 1920 to present* (Fall semester)
  • U.S. History – Truth in History* (Spring semester)
  • U.S. Government (Fall semester)
  • The American Political System* (Spring semester)
  • General Psychology* (full year course)
  • Leadership & Ethics (Fall semester)
  • Philosophy & Ethics (Spring semester)

The electives listed below are simply proposed courses. Final courses will be determined based on student interest.

  • Computer Programming 1* (offered in Fall)
  • Yearbook & Marketing (full year course – can take just one semester)
  • Cyber Security* (offered in Spring)
  • Digital Photography (offered in Fall & Spring)
  • French 1, 2, and 3
  • Independent Study Elective
  • All academic courses may also be taken as an elective. For instance, Aviation Science and Psychology are very popular electives.
Independent Options

All juniors will be scheduled for one independent option each semester and seniors may take up to two.

  • Work-study
  • Independent Study
  • Internship (offered in Spring)