Financial Documents

Quarter 2: October 1 – December 31

Q2 brought large payments to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado in Denver and Grand Canyon University. These payments covered student’s dual enrollment tuition. After further discussion with CDE, parents will be invoiced for these costs, and in Q3 all dual enrollment tuition will be paid directly to UCCS and UCD.

Q2 Financial Analysis & Budget Variance

Q2 Management Report

Quarter 1: July 1 – September 30

Ascend College Prep was approved as a new public school in April 2021 and opened to students in August 2021. The Q1 expenses include all costs involved with school renovations as well as furniture, technology and textbooks. Instructors all elected to be paid in either two installments (Oct and Dec) or at the end of the semester (Dec), and the administration chose to forgo their salaries during Q1 to ensure financial viability.

Q1 Financial Analysis & Budget Variance

Q1 Management Report